Public Free WiFi in Hokkaido

ishiyaDid you know that Japan is one of developing countries when it comes to public free WiFi?  I hear that many foreign visitors are surprised to realize that free WiFi is not available even in the New Chitose Airport Terminal, where free WiFi is available only after the application is filed to acquire the password.  It’s not very convenient, is it? Free public WiFi should be regarded as a part of the infrastructure.

As a result, foreign visitors gather in Starbucks Coffee in order to get connected to their home countries.  We all know that Starbucks offers free WiFi, right?  I guess this is a typical example that the Japanese become all thumbs to apply a new technology.  You would be surprised to hear that many Japanese give up using Smartphones and return to conventional cellular phones.  I am not joking.

The number of free WiFi spots, however, is increasing. We just found that Ishiya Cafe in downtown Sapporo provides the free WiFi, and we had some tasks done right on the coffee table 🙂