Live Streaming is the World Changer!

It was in November last year when I found the new live streaming app called Periscope. Although there had been live streaming platforms available at that time, none of them were appealing to me. I could not understand the significance of having additional TV-type broadcasts that apparently did not have the quality of TV programs.

However, I happened to watch live streaming from Paris on the next day after the terrorist attack, and that blew away my stereotype image of live streaming. Her broadcast showing the places where the massacre occurred was stunning to me, because she “conveyed her feelings” to us along with the shocking image of the sites. Broadcasters’ feelings are something that we do not get to see in news programs on TV. They are trained, I assume, not to show their emotions while on air. Although it took me some time to recognize the reason why live streaming grabbed my mind, I became a big fan of live streaming since then. Continue reading “Live Streaming is the World Changer!”

Etsy’s Translation Project & Who “English Allergy Japanese” Really Are

craftI love handmade crafts 🙂 If you have an online shop of your handmade crafts and arts with Etsy, here is a good news: Etsy is currently undergoing translation of their website into Japanese.

You might have heard of so-called “English allergy” of the Japanese. That is, only a small percentage of the Japanese are “confident” enough to communicate in English in day to day situations. They don’t dare to buy anything online unless they can communicate with the online shop in Japanese language. This, in turn, makes business opportunities for “import service providers”. There are a number of such personal services available for the Japanese.

The import service providers basically bridge the language barrier and they do not pitch products to their consumers, which means, here’s the point, those Japanese customers do have English proficiency, good enough to locate what they want, but they balk at dealing with the sellers in English. So, the English allergy of the Japanese, after all, is not the out-and-out situation, but rather confidence issues in practical use, if you ask me.

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Job Hunting and Fairness in Japan

On Your Mark, Set . . . Bang!

That’s how job hunting of Japanese college students starts. All of them are made to wait for the “Bang”, which date is set by Keidanren (Japan Business Federation), a very powerful business association. The date, therefore, is not mandatory, but a consensus made by a group of prime Japanese corporations.

The idea of setting the date comes from the Japanese sense of fairness that all companies have the same chances to employ good students. This is the reason why not just member companies (about 1,300) of Keidanren, but also many others follow suite. It is not too much to say that jumping the bang is like going rogue in the Japanese business arena.

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