Roses in Safety Islands

roses0620Roses are the flower of my living district, Shiroishi ward in Sapporo city, and we can enjoy roses in the safety islands along Kanjodori Boulevard.

The budget probably comes from the Hokkaido prefecture.  I would definitely say YES for an increase of the budget to make the view better.

There had been an exquisite nice rose garden in the hillside of  Mt. Moiwa that commanded a nice view of Sapporo city.  Although the garden was privately owned, it had been open for public.  I think that many of the Sapporo citizens were disappointed to hear the garden was closed.

The largest rose garden in Hokkaido is the one in Iwamizawa, about two hours drive from Sapporo. I will post some photos when I have a chance to visit the garden in the high season.

I love roses 🙂